Design Incubation Campus – Public Library

Design Incubation Campus – Public Library

Velux BLL International, Special Awards, 2020


Located in a post-industrial site, the project is part of a larger renovation plan to transform a desolate textile factory complex into a vibrant design incubation campus. The old buildings are to-be transformed into incubation center, co-working spaces, an e-sport center and the city’s first and only design library.

The public library which is adjacent to these functions is the only new building in the campus. It is located next to the main street and the campus entrance. With its thermo-wood façade and roof, the building provides a warm welcome to the visitors of the complex.

The building consists of two main floors (ground and first) and a mezzanine. The ground floor acts as a lobby and hosts youth and children libraries. The main library floor is located at the first floor. At the first floor, the mezzanine floor is located in the middle with spacious twin-halls located at both of the longer sides. Under the mezzanine floor, reception, conference room and some of the book shelves are located. The twin-halls with skylights are the main reading / working zones. The twin Halls’ trademark skylights enlighten the area with homogenous light, while giving a rhythm and a sense of lightness to the space. Mezzanine looks at the halls from above. At the mezzanine level, more private spaces such as study rooms, conference spaces and administrative functions are located.


Istanbul, Turkey


İstanbul Municipality Projects Department / Mescioğlu Corporation

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Public Works

Project team

Architectural Projects: Volkan Taşkın, Özge Meriç, Tuba Kara, Şeymanur Saraç - Master Plan and Landscape Projects: Het Peyzaj


57.468 m²