Tuzla Farm Park

Tuzla Farm Park

Built over an old landfill, the Tuzla Farm Park is a special farm project for kids to experience rural life in Istanbul’s metropolitan area. Being the first of its kind in Turkey, Farm Park covers an area of 200.000 square meters, with plantations, orchards, woods, roaming grounds, picnic areas and a 36.000-square-meter artificial lake.

The facilities act as a learning space for kids as they socialize with their peers. Besides the farming experience, kids also learn horseback riding in the manege, celebrate birthdays in the community center and picnic by the lake.


İstanbul, Turkey


Istanbul Municipality Project Department / Mescioglu Corporation

Project year



Public Works

Project team

Volkan Taşkın, Batu Kepekçioğlu


200.000 m²